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Why deep cleaning is important in Dental | TRUTH
Why deep cleaning is important in Dental | TRUTH

Why deep cleaning is important in Dental

Oral hygiene is something we all need to take a special care about. Your Dental health also defines your overall health and the Smile is the key.

Dental Health very important aspect of our lives.

Regular Cleaning is important and necessary for our basic hygiene and Dental Health. It removes the tartar and plaque from above the gumline. A simple Cleaning is advised every once in 6 months for a healthy mouth.

Deep Cleaning is completely different from regular cleaning and it works below the gumline and removes bacterias from the root of the teeth. In other hand in deep cleaning , Dentists are using a special tool to remove tartar , plaque and bacteria.

Dentalhealth is affected by Bacteria’s

When Deep Cleaning ?

Not all the plaque and tartar can be removed by simple cleaning and continuous deposit of these may result in serious gum and bone disesases which will eventually result in loss of teeth / tooth extraction.

Here are some of the situation when you must do the deep cleaning

  • When you feel the symptoms of gum and bone diseases such as redness , swelled gumline and bleeding during brushing.
  • Bad breath is also a main sign that you need to get a deep cleaning'.
  • When you are facing a situation where you are unable to remove tartar or plaque.
  • Your Dentist recommends deep cleaning.
  • If you never had a cleaning session from long time.

Duration of Simple and Deep teeth Cleaning

You might wonder how long the process will take before going for the procedure, simple Cleaning takes 15-20 mins and deep cleaning could take 1-2 hours. But it also depends upon the amount of Plaque and tartar on your mouth.

How to know if you have a good dental health / Healthy mouth

How often do you consult you Dentist? Book a consultation with your Dentist and speak to them. Make sure to take an appointment every 6 months to ensure your oral care.

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